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Prop Money for Film, Television, Video, Photography, Advertising

$10,000.00 prop money We provide Money Props
for the Motion Picture and Television Production Industry.

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                                                                                              Industry Standard Prop Money

See Our Prop Money in Action
Motion Pictures:
"Now You See Me", "Wolf of Wall Street"...
Television: "Unforgettable", "Person of Interest",
"The Michael J. Fox Show", "The Tonight Show"....

  "Now You See Me"      "The Wolf of Wall Street"                
                                See the Trailer HERE                            See the Trailer HERE                                           

No Minimum order, One bundle to Thousands
Bill denominations include: $100, $50, $20, $10, $5, $1, and Vintage $100
Euros are available in 10s and 20s, by special order

motion picture prop money examples

Industry Standard Motion Picture Prop Money,
specifically designed
to provide
the realistic look needed for film and television production.

All of our props are legal and conform to all laws governing the creation and use of prop money
We do not use reproductions, replicas, or manipulated illustrations of real U.S. currency.    
Secure Payment and Buyer Protection through PayPal
Prop Money Bundles are available in two styles:
     Standard Filler Bundles - (one two sided bill on top
and one on bottom
$10,000.00 prop money bundlewith filler paper in the middle).
Usually used for static shots.

    Full Print Bundles - (100 two sided bills each).

Style and denomination combinations are available.
Prop money bills are the same size as real money and printed on both sides with colors and graphics designed to register well on camera. The Filler Paper, for Standard Filler bundles, and the
Current U.S. Bank Straps are chosen for their texture and
colors to provide the best photographic qualities.

FREE Shipping via USPS First Class or Priority Mail,
including Tracking and Insurance, to registered U.S. addresses.
Expedited Shipping via UPS or FedEx is Available.
International Buyers
must contact us for shipping rates before making a purchase

Movie money stacks

We've filled brief cases, pallets, armored cars, vaults,
and whole arenas.

Large Quantities are Available, on hand, and ready for shipping,
Contact us with your large production needs and we can help you put together a plan.
Click HERE for our dimension examples page

Prop money pallet


We accept all Major Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and e-checks through Paypal.

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